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Golden Fat Burning Exercise System
Three times a week, every 30 minutes, two week weight loss of 15 kg
New fat burning exercise concept
Joint resistance, weight, stretching, aerobic, anaerobic multiple motor

 Intelligent burning fat sports fitness monitoring system is specialized software which is dedicated to cooperate with intelligent burning fat fitness system application by Golden group. It is the world's most advanced intelligent personal fitness training manager system, Not only includes precision designed scientific burning fat fitness training plan, design training aim which is suitable for its physiological characteristics and individual needs for different customers. Real-time feedback the trainers’ physiological parameters and performance in the training, periodically summarize the training results, print stage training summary report. With the real-time heart rate and the strength of the sports real-time monitoring, combined with IC card application, intelligent burning fat exercise monitoring system can real-time feedback the trainers' real-time heart rate, real-time exercise intensity, real-time movement cycle and sports time, and still can monitor all the details of the trainer of each time in each device. So as to ensure that the trainer's scientific play individual sports training's biggest potential, stimulate trainer’s biggest inspire inner self motivation, get more good results.

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