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Golden Fat Burning Exercise System
Three times a week, every 30 minutes, two week weight loss of 15 kg
New fat burning exercise concept
Joint resistance, weight, stretching, aerobic, anaerobic multiple motor

 "Golden burning fat sport fitness system" is new concept burning fat movement technology and equipment, developed by D&W International LLC, after several years of research and development. Using the latest sports science research results, combined application of the resistance movement, weight movement, stretching movement, aerobic exercise, complete muscle and heart lungs function exercise of all parts of the body within 30 minutes, includes all the important element of successful sports fitness. Because of the application of the innovation equipments with dynamic movement principle, the customer need not adjusting weight, automatically adjust the resistance movement with the individual sports rhythm and speed, is more suitable for women and children to safely use, could not happen muscle damage or complications in any form.
With humanized design, customers only need 90 minutes a week, can obtain the ideal health and weight-loss double effect. Generally after 2 months training, can reduce weight 7.5 ~ 10 kg, cardiopulmonary metabolism increased 20% ~ 30%, health indicators obviously improved.

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