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Golden Fat Burning Exercise System
Three times a week, every 30 minutes, two week weight loss of 15 kg
New fat burning exercise concept
Joint resistance, weight, stretching, aerobic, anaerobic multiple motor

Golden burning fat sport is the most scientific and effective sports fitness method, not only help to reduce weight in the training, construct the healthy and perfect body, and could significantly reduce the rate of all kinds of main disease, can improve physical quality and spirit. Golden burning fat sport has eight significant effects, includes but not limited to: introduction, beauty shape body, recover youth, improve the body image, make bones to be strong, prevent disease, prevent and fight against cancer, make blood sugar to be low, improve osteoporosis. The key characteristic of Golden burning fat sport is focused on gravity training. But Golden burning fat sport has completely different characteristics with the traditional gravity training equipments. Golden burning fat sport adopts hydraulic resistance exercise equipment, this device allows synchronously train muscles and heart lungs function, besides, using the two-way movement device, train the two corresponding different muscles in the process of push and pull. Before practice, it does not need to manual adjust, adjust according to training speed, is suitable for different exercise needs, easy and safe to use.

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